Thirst? A foreign word

Our Drinks

Our Drinks

Cool beer, a fine selection of wines, delicious cocktails, definitely high-proof drinks: We serve the right drink for every dry throat.

You can find our complete food and drink menu on the individual pub location page!

Well chilled


We know how beer tastes best, well chilled and freshly served. From fine Pilsner to the fruity wheat beer: Enjoy different types of beer from our drinks menu.

Of course, our pub also offers a selection of Irish beer specialities. Try the malty-sweet Kilkenny or the velvety-black Guinness and go on a journey of taste!

Fine Selection


“Slàinte Mhaith!” Did you also have to read these words three times and still don’t have a clue what it says?

In that case, choose a good old glass of whisk(e)y from our Fine Selection menu with over 50 varieties from all over the world. This Gaelic toast is best recited in style with the right booze.

It is pronounced “Slaan-dsche-wah!” and means “Here’s to good health!

Get Your Shot


Faude, the award-winning house distillery Kaiserstuhl/Baden, produces fine brandies, timeless classics and exciting new creations like a spirit made from spruce shoots from the best fruit from Lake Constance and other selected ingredients.

For very special moments, we share our Emily’s Gin and our old mild apple schnapps in the “Maila Edition”, named after Mike’s second daughter.


Liquid or Frozen?


Shaken or stirred? We like to drink our cocktails frozen! Our fruity frozen cocktails are also available in a pitcher and are perfect for sharing and toasting.

Of course, we mix classic cocktails, too, such as Mai Tai or Mojito, also available in a fruity version with passion fruit nectar.

For the drivers among you, there are of course delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.

Not Beer


Wine and us, we have a story. We have bottled this story to share it with you. White wine tells the story dry, red wine mixes in fruity notes and rosé winks here and there as it packs in some sweetness.

Which variation of our story would you like to try?

Classic or Own Creation

Long Drinks

Our favourite long drink is clearly gin and tonic, which we mix with extra dry tonic water. We recommend Emily’s Gin from Mike’s private bottling from Lake Constance, named after his first-born daughter.

Other classics like Jacky Cola and Vodka Lemon are also on the menu.

All long drinks are available with a filler of your choice: your taste, your creation!


Our international menu ranges from finger food classics and homemade burgers made from fresh ground beef to hand-beaten schnitzels and aromatic dry-aged steaks. Try your way through and taste the quality!