Taste Comes From Quality

Our Food

Our Food

Burger patties made from freshly minced meat, dry aged steaks from our own Dry Ager® maturing cabinet, full grill flavour from the Beefer, a high-performance grill, crunchy vegetables and salads: The secret behind our unique taste is… it is homemade!

You can find our complete food and drink menu on the individual pub location page!

Our Pride


You choose between fresh, homemade ground beef, chicken breast fillet or meatless vegetable delicacies for your burger.

Yes, you read that right: Our ground beef is freshly minced every day by our kitchen team and refined with high-quality spices that give our burgers a distinctive taste. That’s why you can enjoy your burger rare or medium, just like a good steak.

Premium Speciality

Dry-Aged Beef

Our dry-aged beef is refined for 6 to 8 weeks in our in-house Dry Ager® maturing cabinet. The result is a tender meat delight with full flavour!

Côte de Boeuf, porterhouse steak, T-bone steak, entrecôte or rump steak, you will find our daily specials on our menu board. Our team will be happy to explain to you when the next prime piece is ready for you to enjoy.

Popular Classics

Steaks & Viennese Schnitzel

Our rump steaks are hand-cut from New Zealand roast beef and roasted particularly gently so that they remain tender and juicy.

When it comes to Viennese schnitzel, it is the inner values that count. That is why we only use the best of juicy val. The schnitzel is cut by us and tenderised by hand. To ensure that the crisp coating is as good as the soft core, we bread the schnitzel by hand and fry them until golden brown.

Perfect Snack

Finger Food

A get together is only complete when there is something to snack on the table. These little appetisers are great for sharing, but taste so good that you are guaranteed to want them all to yourself.

We serve a dip of your choice with each finger food. Piri Piri from our very own recipe, tartar sauce, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli, mango relish or homemade chilli cheese dip.

    Matching Companions


    Potatoes are anything but boring! We will prove this to you and serve all kinds of variations of the potato: steakhouse fries, sweet potato fries or potato dippers. They complement our dishes perfectly.

    If you are looking for something lighter, you might like our grilled vegetables and fresh salad.

    Fresh and Crisp


    We know that we say no good story starts with a salad. By that we mean just any salad. With us, there is really something to the salad!

    That little extra something like chicken breast fillet, cranberries and nuts, olives and shepherd’s cheese or the famous Caesar’s salad make our salads special.

    We focus on fresh ingredients: Crunchy finesse that you can taste and round off with your favourite dressing!

    For the Little Ones

    Children’s Menu

    Children have different tastes than adults. So that everyone can go home full and happy after a visit to the restaurant with the family, we offer a children’s menu for our little guests.

    For the Sweet Tooth


    As we all know, there is an extra stomach for dessert, and of course we cannot leave it empty.

    Our tip for those who still want something sweet will bring back childhood memories, as our homemade waffles with vanilla ice cream and fruit are made according to an old family recipe.

    Our Soufflé Black and White, on the other hand, will let the heart of chocoholics beat faster. NY Cheesecake and milkshakes bring some American flair to our pub.


    After hunger comes thirst! Just as with our food, we place great value on an excellent selection of drinks.