Responsible consumption is a priority for us. This means that we pay careful attention to the quality of our ingredients and hygiene. Our team is trained in this regard and our operations are regularly inspected by external institutes.

The Meat

We love meat. But enjoying meat also requires respect for the animal from which it comes. That’s why we only process quality meat whose origin we can trace back precisely.

The roast beef for our steaks comes from the Rodeo brand, whose cattle live on vast pastures in New Zealand. Thanks to the pure pasture husbandry, the animals feed exclusively on grasses and herbs in a natural way. Quality of life you can taste!

For our burger patties, we source fresh young bull meat from Germany, which we put through the meat grinder ourselves and process into minced meat. Our burgers get their unique flavour from our in-house seasoning blend, developed together with Wiberg, which is only available for us.

At our locations with Dry Ager dry aging fridges, regional meat from German heifers is refined into Dry Age beef. The special maturing technique gives the beef an intense, full-bodied aroma that develops its flavour best pure, with just a pinch of salt.

The Ingredients

Only the best is good enough! At Mike’s Urban Pub, everything revolves around the joy of being and savouring of good food. The basis for this are our exquisite ingredients, which we carefully selected and controlled for consistent quality and freshness.

Our standards are extremely high and are also reflected in our supplier relationships, which are based on trust and a long-term approach. In return, we receive uncompromising freshness and consistently high quality.

Beers & Spirits

We offer one of the most popular beer brands in Germany: Krombacher. Together with the Krombacher brewery, we pay attention to a full-bodied beer aroma. The malt from two-row summer barley, the fine aroma hops from the Hallertau and the Felsquellwasser® from Krombacher’s own deep well ensure the very highest beer quality. The ingredients are constantly controlled. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that resources are used sparingly and energy is used efficiently during production. Would you like to know more? Then visit our partner: Krombacher.

Since tastes differ, you will of course find other types of beer on our menu: It’s a must for a good pub to also serve a typical Irish ale. In our case, it is the spicy Kilkenny. If you like it malty and tart, you should go for the unmistakably dark Guinness.

The high-proof spirits from “Faude feine Brände” from the house distillery in Bötzingen/Kaiserstuhl are made from hand-picked, single-variety, local fruit. The creations are from a young distiller who has given fresh ideas, which you can taste, to a traditional concept: an approach, we embody in our pub!

You want more “schnapps stories”? Then take a look at our partner: Faude feine Brände

You can also enjoy local and regional specialities at selected locations. Just ask at your local Mike’s Urban Pub which specials are available!