St. Patrick’s Week from 11 March to 20 March 2022

Anyone who comes to our place from 11 March 2022 on may only see green. But don’t worry, this is not spontaneous colour blindness, but due to St. Patrick’s Week perhaps the greenest party in the area!

As befits a true pub, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Week with decorations, green drinks and hearty specialities, not just on 17 March 2022 (the original St. Patrick’s Day date), but for over a week!

Shamrocks, leprechauns and costumes are not enough for us: That’s why we’ll be serving up Irish food, and plenty of it: With the all-you-can-eat Irish stew, the only limit is your stomach.

Or try the Pulled Lamb Burger, which is only available during St. Patrick’s Week, and enjoy a cold real Irish beer with it.

The green phase also continues with our cocktails: Find out what is inside the Bird of Paradise, whether you can tolerate Green Poison or if you prefer to stick to the Basil Gin Fizz.

We’re looking forward to seeing all you party people in all our locations!