Why Mike’s Urban Pub?

A cosy and chic living room where you can relax, watch TV and chat while being served delicious food. If you can identify with this idea, Mike’s Urban Pub is the place for you.

Our restaurant is based on a traditional pub with a modern interpretation. The concept is completed with aspects of a sports bar such as large HD TVs and screens showing all the major sports events and, depending on the location, also locally relevant fringe sports. But “Tatort” series or movie evenings are also organised, of course with fresh popcorn as it should.

Find impressions of our dishes here.

The interior design convinces with open spaces. The predominant warm brown tones in wood and leather materials harmonise naturally with the grass-green ceiling colour and blue colour accents. The stone walls in combination with concrete columns, English furniture in Chesterfield design and the sports bar elements create a modern urban pub character. High-quality lamps in vintage look complement the overall picture and create a cosy atmosphere. Each location has its own highlights such as comfortable, backlit regulars’ tables for groups to linger at, frosted taps and other characteristic pub elements.

Since we are home in hotels up until now, we have taken into account the international guest structure of travellers and therefore offer something suitable for students, professionals, families as well as best agers.